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10 Must Have Baby Items

Before my sweet baby arrived, I combed through many blogs and Facebook mom groups to find the necessary items to take care of baby. Here's ten things that we could not have lived without when we had our boy. Happy reading!

1) Stretchy Hospital Grade Hats

Nurses Choice

When little one was born he was a preemie, and the standard cloth hats we had for him wouldn't stay on his head, or were way too big. The only hat that would stay on was the pink and blue one he had in the hospital. I didn't want to have him continue wearing it because it was a straight giveaway that we had just gotten out of the hospital, so I searched on Amazon for a similar material until I found these. they come in multiple colors, and are the same stretchy knit material as the one from the hospital. I loved these when he would actually wear hats. Now seven months, he hates any hat on his head, but it was a must to keep warm when he was born.

2) Haakaa (if breastfeeding)

The haakaa silicone hand pump was fantastic while I was breastfeeding. Pop it on one boob while baby is feeding on the other. I would always get an ounce or more this way, and it was great because of the minimal effort. You can find it below.

3) Spectra S1 Pump (if breastfeeding)

I highly recommend this pump if you plan on pumping after breastfeeding. It's great for supply, and gentle on the breast. It's a closed system, so you can use it for the next baby unlike other pumps that aren't recommended to do so. The difference between the S1 and S2 Spectra units is that the S1 is rechargeable, so you can use it on the go.

4) Angelcare Baby Bath Support

I have two baby tubs, this one was my favorite because you don't even really have to dry it off after use like other tubs, the holes help it air dry fine without mold. I felt like this one put baby in a more comfortable position.

5) Boppy Newborn Lounger

This is an item our baby still actively uses. He loves to watch T.V on it, and when he was little he loved to take naps on it. We have the regular Boppy pillow too, but we've never really used that one much.

6) WubbaNub Pacifier

This is the best pacifier because not only is it super cute, but baby is way less likely to drop it. He usually keeps a pretty strong grip on the animal, and really likes it. There are plenty of options available, but this one is my favorite.

7) Halo Sleep-sack Swaddle

When baby was little, he absolutely had to be swaddled. It was exhausting to try to get the perfect swaddle with a blanket, so these were amazing. It zips up like a normal sleep-sack, and fabric velcros over the arms. He got the best sleep being swaddled in it, and it's now my go to baby registry buy for friends.

8) Pack 'n Play Memory Foam Mattress

If your baby ends up as much of a little prince as mine, he (or she) is going to want this mattress for the pack 'n play. He absolutely would not sleep in it until we bought this. It is as nice as our memory foam mattress on our bed, just pack 'n play sized.

9) Dr. Browns Bottles

Okay, so I know the majority of you know about these, and if you were like me you bought a ton of bottles anyways. I promise though, this is the only bottle set you need. My baby hated the bottles that tried to mimic the feeling of the breast, but took quite fondly to these. Every couple of months we've had to change the nipple size (he's on a level three nipple now), but I threw out all other bottles I had that weren't Dr. Browns.

10) Snap 'N Go Stroller

This particular stroller is super handy if you have more than one car seat like we do. It's super easy to put whatever car seat you please into it. It's also cheaper than buying the two in one car seat/stroller bundles.

For now, these are my top ten must have's for babies under six months. I'm sure as my sweet boy gets older I'll have new favorites to add. Do you have anything that you couldn't live without when you had a baby? Let me know in the comments!

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